The Impact of Magazines and Body Image

Both men and women feel a pressure to look a certain way due to the fact that advertisers sell products through sexuality and the importance of looking good. Consequently, research reveals that this is having an adverse affect on women’s body images as the desire to achieve a super slim body which is adorned by the media, is manifesting in unhealthy behaviours. Similarly, advertisers have been under the spotlight for portraying unrealistic ideals for men also.

Women/Girls and Body Image:
Women often compare their own body to those others. It has been suggested that seeing idealised body images results in women feeling dissatisfied and unattractive in them self. Some alarming facts: Continue reading

Is There Too Much Gore on TV?

The world’s media has change beyond recognition. Since the days of the BBC world service, we have seen TV and radio blast its way into the 21st century. In times gone by the news was presented with very little imagery and we just had to rely on the words to convey a story. Since the digital market has exploded the way in which we watch TV has also changed.

We now have high definition television that can give up real life close up’s without any loss of quality. This kind if technology is great when watching a football match but when we are watching the news, we can often see images that we may only see after the 9pm watershed.

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